They can check‐out any time they like, but they can never leave!

How to build long lasting relationships with clients.

 Client‐agency relationships tend to become shorter and shorter. In 1984, the average client‐agency relationship lasted 7.2 years. By 1997, that number had dropped to 5.3 years. Today client‐agency relationships seldom last more than three years.

 Luckily that is not the case at A plus M. Our global client relationships tend to go on for decades. Why? We have some ideas:

Walk the client’s walk
Taking an interest in the clients’ business is crucial. Fill your head with as much insight as possible about their products, services, customers, competitors, market trends, etc. Subscribe to magazines, read articles and books relevant to your clients. Surprise them with your knowledge in their line of business. 

Always be curios
Not being curios is a death trap for any client relationship. Enough said about that.

 Admit that all relations are personal
All people can’t like each other. Do you feel you’ve got a strained relation with somebody at the agency? Ask for another person to handle your assignments.

 Be flexible
Agencies are known to be sluggish. Does it really take two weeks to come back with a draft? Well, sometimes it does and you say so. Sometimes it doesn’t and you will come back the next day. Or later the same day. Miracles are possible.

 Be efficient
Everything from a big long idea to a small ad needs to be handled professionally. When production runs smoothly, everybody wins.

 Have fun
A plus M like to spend free time with our clients, even outside office hours. Some do sports together. Attend marketing events. Get together to share a great meal. Or whatever tickles our fancy.

 Don’t screw up the relation when a project goes sour
At some point everybody runs into a project that doesn’t turn out the way you wanted.  When it happens, don’t blame circumstances or point fingers in other directions. Take the responsibility that’s due. Do everything you can to save the situation. We have been there, and still managed to maintain a good client relationship.

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