Four themes for B2B marketing in 2021

Matthias Specht, CEO of BBN Germany, outlines four critical themes around B2B marketing that B2B marketers should have on their agendas in 2021.

Virtual events have come to stay. 

Whether we like it or not, 2021 will be the year of virtual events. These will become an integral part of every B2B brand’s communication strategy. Those formats provide new access to information and turn the relationships between people and brands into a virtual experience. To what extent physical events will come back and when this will happen plays a subordinate role here. Virtual formats are here to stay.

Marketing will become a business driver. 

Well done to all the marketers who had their digital lead management processes up and running in 2020 and could fill the sales pipeline even without trade shows. In 2021, the topic will finally experience the professionalisation it deserves: marketing will become a business driver. And not just in terms of new customers, but also in customer retention and cross-selling.

The renaissance of employer branding. 

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