When SSAB launched Strenx – performance steel for a stronger and lighter future – it was without doubt its most important brand introduction in many years.

The worldwide campaign was set to start on 20 April 2015 at the Intermat fair in Paris. At the same time, the news was made public for all their customers throughout the world.

About three months before launch A plus M was asked to deliver an international brand and communication plan for all SSAB markets, in 15 languages. A launch strategy was quickly developed. The theme “You know the Beast. Now meet the Beauty” was powered by the well‐established SSAB brand Hardox – the Beast in the sense that it’s extremely hard and tough. The Beauty, Strenx steel, is perfect for designing products that are strong and light.

A plus M handled the production of all external marketing for digital and print channels; developing the concept, artwork, video, photography, illustrations, copy, and final art production. We also produced a great deal of the internal presentation material for product managers and sales people.



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