In a digital, collaborative and communicative business life, it takes more than just shouting above your competition. The customer perception of you is important and the work and dialogue to get there is a complex strategy.

What we do is to understand and control the interplay between digital, social and traditional channels. We define your clients and address them with the right message, in the right media, at the right point of time. And we do it well.

Our long-term client relationships are living proofs of that. Are you thinking of expanding on new markets or is your business already international? Don’t worry, we are experienced in that too.

We are offering a complete marketing solution, aiming especially B2B companies, that is developed for a digital marketing age. For big and small companies, for small projects/changes and for 360° turnarounds.

Our process is developed in collaboration with our global constellation of B2B agencies and it is divided into three steps. The Brand Asset Management, C-Map and the Big Long Idea.

Brand Asset Management, BAM

Is, shortly, a process aiming to establish how best to present your brand asset – company brand, product or service – to its right market.

C-Map, a B2B communication, planning and activation tool

Nowadays people have relationships with brands and in a more intimate way, going through most of the purchasing timeline online and they do it on their own terms. Brands need to operate in a digital reality. C-Map is composed of four core steps: Discovery, Strategy, Activation, Measurement & Optimization, where we together with you use the steps and tools needed. It is developed for any type of project/size/budget and you get a clear strategic communication platform and a framework for your business. We help you to realize the benefits of the digital channels, and support you deploying your brand consistency, while creating more opportunities and revenue.

Big Long Idea, BLI

Now content needs to be written and designed. All that is required is one idea, creative enough to attract people at the beginning of their Purchasing Timeline and clever enough to help them understand things clearly as they move along it. The Big Long Idea is the third phase of our integrated process and shaped to give your brand a voice, character and a storyline as it is exposed to the market.

We could dig in deeper into our tools and marketing solutions but prefer speaking with you and your opportunities/problems directly. Feel free to visit us at Nybrogatan 39.